Environmental protection

KettenWulf lives environmental protection

It is not just our head office in the rural Sauerland which is our direct connection to nature. Rather, our claim to act sustainably is something which determines our daily work. We represent this basic principle in all our sites worldwide, not only by meeting legal stipulations, but also by pursuing even higher standards which we define ourselves.

Environmental resources enter our investment considerations as an important factor. As such, we always make our decisions based on an awareness of a sustainable economy. If nothing else, the results of these actions are reflected in our project developments. For example, we channel our forces into:

  • Chains designed for achieving a better energy efficiency
  • Lubrication-free technology saving on resources and maintenance work
  • Noise absorption systems for the benefit of people and the environment
Environmental policy
Environmentally friendly and sustainable design of corporate activities

As a company involved in the metal processing industry, we can look back on a long history in the heart of Sauerland. We at KettenWulf Betriebs GmbH wish to structure our company activities sustainably and without polluting the environment, in order to protect more than just the natural landscape of the Sauerland from negative environmental impacts. Therefore we are obliged to continuously improve our environmental management and to avoid environmental pollution, and the following points are fixed in our company policy:

We are obliged to comply with legal and other requirements, because they form the basis for environmental protection in business.

Environmental aspects are considered in any decision-making processes of KettenWulf Betriebs GmbH, whether it involves the development of new products or the implementation of new manufacturing processes.

It is important to us that our employees also actively help to improve the environmental performance of KettenWulf Betriebs GmbH.

Environmental protection does not end at the company boundaries – thus we are eager that this environmental policy is also made known to our suppliers and service providers, so that they can consider environmental aspects.

Business partners should also be made aware of our activities in business environmental protection, in order to motivate them to participate as well.

Our goal is to reduce environmental risks and conserve resources.


DIN EN ISO 14001