Automotive industry

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In the automotive industry high machine and plant availability with minimum maintenance are a basic requirement for an optimum production process. Reliable and long lasting conveyor and transport chains play a vital role.

As industry specialist KettenWulf has long been the competent partner of reputable automotive manufacturers and their original equipment manufacturers – and this globally. With comprehensive technical advice and individual production methods we supply high quality product solutions which are ideally tailored to the various requirements of their respective applications.

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    Innovative drive technology and chains

    To also meet the future preferences and requirements of our customers and be able to contribute to the efficient design of the production and material flow we continuously improve our products. We already now invest in the development of alternative drives and groundbreaking technologies. Thus you can already today benefit from our low maintenance and lubrication-free chains.

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    Transverse conveyors
    Transverse chains for conveying technology

    For transverse transports the individual production lines are connected to each other, i.e. the medium is taken from one production line, moved across and fed to another line. Transverse conveyors are used in the most varied production segments and are the connecting link between the various production steps. The interaction between these production steps and thus the operating and working safety of the plant are guaranteed by our chains.

    Appropriately modified transverse chains are used in the different production lines. Lubrication-free chains are mostly used. For the manifold requirements, such as transversability by stacking trucks or drip water from the car bodies, KettenWulf offers suitable chain designs. In addition, reduced noise sprockets can be used for transverse conveyors near workplaces to improve the working conditions.

    Chains for longitudinal conveyors
    Development of special conveying technologies

    In a car manufacturing plant car bodies pass through different processing sections, such as painting, drying or polishing. Generally, the car bodies are transported longitudinally on a chain-driven skid or traverse. Dependent on the respective process requirements, KettenWulf has developed special conveying technologies.

    Chains used in longitudinal conveying

    • Chains provided with prism-shaped supports for ideal contact
    • Chains with anti-stick coating
    • Chains with welded support plates
    • Lubrication-free chains
    • Chains for operating temperatures up to 250°C
    Chains for immersion conveyors
    Conveying technology for immersion conveying

    During prime coat application raw bodies from body construction are cleaned prior to coating. This takes place in a pretreatment zone through immersion in various consecutive baths. The first coating is done using cataphoretic dip painting.

    For these processes there are two systems of chain-based conveying technology:

    • RoDip conveyor
    • Pendulum conveyor

    For this conveying technology KettenWulf supplies the most varied chains, tailored to the respective requirements of the conveying systems.

    Chains for slat conveyors
    Lubrication-free transport chains and conveyor chains

    Slat conveyors are used to transport car bodies or vehicles on a skit through various production sections. To this end heavy duty and low maintenance transport chains are used. Slat conveyors are used e.g. in the following areas:

    • Grinding in body construction
    • Final assembly
    • Finish and filling
    • Leak test
    • Preservation

    At this point during the manufacturing process lubrication-free chains are mainly used which offer low maintenance and thus low operating costs. The use of the lubrication-free chain technology also prevent contamination from e.g. lubricants.

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    The KettenWulf Group

    Responsibility, consistency and sustainability secure our market position as one of the leading global manufacturers of conveyor chains, drive chains and sprockets. As a family business we do not think in terms of years in the business, but in generations. This claim makes us your long-term and powerful partner characterised by ground-breaking innovation and sound, reliable structures – worldwide.