Machine and plant engineering

Drive and conveying technology in industry

In the field of machine and plant engineering KettenWulf is successfully involved in the most varied industries and supplies many leading original equipment manufacturers with innovative and powerful products which also meet highest quality requirements. For example, conveyor and transport chains.

Especially in machine and plant engineering, due to the multitude of possible applications, the know-how of a strong partner is essential. KettenWulf products are used in the following industries.

Use of high quality chains

The challenges within the various areas are many, complex and extended lines, high conveying heights, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high breaking loads, freedom of angular movement and a high requirement for silent chain operation. All components are, of course, also produced specific for the customer and adapted to the framework conditions, which includes optimum consultancy and technical support on site.

Chemical industry
Adapted drive chains and drive technology

As a longstanding partner of the chemical industry KettenWulf offers the most varied chains and conveyor technologies for almost all possible applications.

In the chemical industry the chains must withstand various loads and are therefore adapted to their intended application with the customer. Special materials are used in the area of chemistry which are adapted to the respective products to be transported by the customers. For example, our chains are used to transport fertiliser or silicate gel.

Transport chains for the glass industry

In the field of glass transport in glass scraper and recycling plant or within a company, highly wear-resistant bush conveyor chains are used. Our chains are also used in slat conveyors conveying waste glass, scrap glass, raw glass and additives.

Customised chains

Every chain can be tailored to the respective customer preferences so that the correct chain system can be supplied for the individual application.

Industrial furnace construction
Conveying of materials in the high temperature range

The conveying of materials in the high temperature range places special demands on the chains systems of KettenWulf. We also use special materials for this purpose to guarantee increased temperature resistance and optimised wear resistance. These properties are certainly a basic condition in the industrial furnace construction for the successful use of a system. High customer satisfaction confirms our concept since many years.

Application examples are heat-resistant furnace chains in the industrial furnaces providing the constant supply of round material. Bush conveyor chains are also used to transport pipes to the annealing furnace.

Chains for warehouses

Many manufacturer of storage systems rely since many years on the technologies of KettenWulf chain systems. Our chain systems are used in the most varied warehouses, such as in paternoster systems for the storage of steel profiles, pallet storage, carpet roll systems in DIY markets as well as car tyres.

Given the different weight loads acting on the chain systems, hollow pin chains are e.g. adapted customer-specific to the respective loads.

Mill construction
Installed conveyor chains

The scrapper chains used in this field offer an optimum transport solution for the most versatile products. They can also be adapted to customer-specific requirements. For example, low maintenance chains designed for high durability or if specific hygiene requirements need to be complied with.

The chains are used for in scrapper chains for silo discharge e.g. for flour and grain.


Wind energy
Planetary axles and bearing covers for regenerative energies

We support our customers with the latest special components for the economic harvesting of the regenerative wind energy source. To this end we set international standards in the fields of technology, quality, customer proximity and service. As an important supplier of the international wind energy industry we are aware of our great responsibility. Quality, capacity and globalism are major challenges which our special components need to meet every time.

Using various production methods KettenWulf produces mainly planetary axles and bearing covers for the wind energy industry. Complete shaft units are pre-assembled and aligned at factory to reduce assembly times on site to a minimum.

Drinks industry
Different chain variants

In the field of the drinks industry KettenWulf offers the most varied chain variants, from simple designs through to chains specially adapted to customer preferences, for example with reduced weight. These can be produced from standard materials, heavy duty materials as well as VA materials in any dimensions thinkable and necessary for the customer.

This makes the KettenWulf chains suitable for the most variable alkaline and hot water baths and fresh water injection, often even 24 hours a day. Divided chains are also used. They facilitate or simplify assembly and maintenance, in turn reducing costs.

The chains used in single and double end systems are used in bottle cleaning plant for reusable, glass and PET bottles.

Palm oil
Chains and sprockets for the palm oil industry

Since many years KettenWulf produces with growing success chains and sprockets for the palm oil industry. These are mostly 4 and 6 inch chains used to transport the palm oil fruit, in particular for transporting the entire palm oil fruit within the factory and then to transport the empty palm oil fruit after pressing to composting. They are also used in sterilisers and fibre and nut conveyors.

These 4 and 6 inch chains are produced as solid and hollow pin chains. They are, of course, produced upon customer request and can therefore be used for a wide range of applications. Especially for heavy loads KettenWulf offers a special HD (heavy duty) chain. By today we can offer a standard programme with 25 different types.

Since 2012 two additional types round off the KettenWulf programme. This is a 4 inch chain with integrated attachment bracket on the one hand, and a special design of our HD chain on the other. This HD chain is mainly used in the steriliser, because it can withstand the extreme atmospheric conditions there due to special materials and production methods developed by KettenWulf.

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