Steel industry

Conveyor chains for the entire process chain

Since more than 90 years the KettenWulf Group develops and manufactures special conveyor chains and sprockets for the steel, metallurgical and aluminium industry.

Our production programme covers conveying chains for the entire process chain. KettenWulf chains and sprockets are e.g. used in the following areas:

  • Stockyard technology for coal and ore
  • Sintering plants
  • Blast furnace applications
  • Steelwork applications
  • Continuous casting applications
  • Rolling mill applications
  • Transport and strip accumulator chains for refinement lines in the hot and cold area

Product brochure

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    High-performance products of premier quality, strict compliance to the most extreme specifications, innovation and a complete focus on our customers’ demands form the basis of our leading reputation.

    High demands are made on the chains on account of the very heavy transport weights and extreme environmental influences. We develop the latest in chain technologies in order to satisfy the complex requirement profiles from various areas of steel production and processing.

    Be it to reduce wear on reclaimer chains in ore and coal mixing beds due to abrasion, to enhance temperature resistance in hot material transport or to obtain highest precision for roller chains used in looping tower applications – these challenges represent just a small part of the tasks on which we have worked in the past in order to develop successful product solutions.

    Pig-iron preparation
    Conveying of coal, iron ore and aggregate

    Low-maintenance reclaimer chains for the handling of coal, iron ore and other additives as well as pan conveyor chains for charge preparation are only two of the many product solutions in which we have proven our superior technical capabilities.

    Media with temperatures of up to 900°C and highly abrasive consistency place enormous demands on our products.

    Chain designs made by KettenWulf include lifetime lubricated support rollers and innovative sealing systems for chain links as well as special attachment options and highly wear resistant chain links for cell and slat conveyors to convey ore, coal and aggregate.

    The use of special materials with increased temperature resistance and optimised wear resistance in combination with the highest manufacturing precision during processing and heat treatment are basic requirements for success when used in the plant. The high acceptance of KettenWulf technology by many plant operators confirms our concept.

    Pig-iron moulding
    For the most varied conveying and transport equipment

    In ingot casting and continuous casting, KettenWulf products have proven their worth under the most extreme conditions. Both in the process of pig-iron moulding with cold strand or start-up chain technology and in the transport of slabs and long products, our chains excel in the most varied conveying and transportation equipment.

    Temperatures of up to 1000°C with item weights of up to 30 tons demand comprehensive know-how in chain technology. Successful chain technology in pig-iron moulding is based on complex geometries, highly wear resistant chain joints and temperature resistant materials.

    Competence through intensive cooperation with leading plant manufacturers in combination with experience from many plants across the globe guarantee for our customers the high operating safety and service life of the conveyor and transport chains used.

    With specially developed chain technology

    For all transport and conveying processes in the further processing of slabs and long products into sheet, strips, profiles and pipes KettenWulf has specially developed chain technology available.

    With our product technology we implement the demanding standards of the steel industry every day. These standards include, in addition to high wear resistance to protect against extreme scaling, also the requirement posed by item weights of more than 35 tons and temperatures of up to 900°C. The length precision of chain strands in relation to each other implemented by KettenWulf also plays an important part for many applications.

    Transporting the finished products
    For high speeds, temperatures and product weights

    Our production range for the chain transport of the most varied finished products offers a high level of individual solutions.

    In continuous conveyors for the transport of pipes, raw sheet, billets and profiles the high quality chain technology is found just as much as in the conveying of wire or coils.

    h speeds, temperatures and product weights and extreme environmental influences determine the chain design. Besides low maintenance roller bearings KettenWulf also offers individually designed support and attachment units for the transport of the finished products.

    Secondary conveying tasks
    Proven KettenWulf concepts

    The wide range of different conveying tasks in upstream and downstream systems of primary steel manufacture and processing places correspondingly high demands on the competence in chain technology.

    KettenWulf concepts have proven a success for many years in the most varied machinery and plant worldwide.

    Nothing moves without us

    The KettenWulf Group

    Responsibility, consistency and sustainability secure our market position as one of the leading global manufacturers of conveyor chains, drive chains and sprockets. As a family business we do not think in terms of years in the business, but in generations. This claim makes us your long-term and powerful partner characterised by ground-breaking innovation and sound, reliable structures – worldwide.