Sprockets are a decisive factor in the capability and service life of every chain system. KettenWulf therefore produces its own sprockets to ensure the high quality of all products.

We supply the corresponding sprockets for all chains. In addition to sprockets with DIN/ISO/ANSI gearing, sprockets with optimised tooth shapes can also be produced on our CNC machines. Designs in high quality materials with tempered and additionally inductively hardened teeth are our strength.

Our production range covers all designs of sprockets:

  • in single and double sided hub design
  • divided sprockets
  • sprockets with bolted-on segments or tooth shells
  • shear-pin sprockets
  • pinion sprockets
  • noise reduction technology
  • complete drive and deflection units

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    The KettenWulf Group

    Responsibility, consistency and sustainability secure our market position as one of the leading global manufacturers of conveyor chains, drive chains and sprockets. As a family business we do not think in terms of years in the business, but in generations. This claim makes us your long-term and powerful partner characterised by ground-breaking innovation and sound, reliable structures – worldwide.