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As manufacturer, we are measured by the quality of the products that leave our production facilities. For continuous improvement of the product quality, state-of-the art production facilities are indispensable.

Thanks to our diverse machinery, our product portfolio not only includes standard workpiece machining, but also offers all types of turning, milling and drilling operations as well as the welding of complex assemblies and their heat treatment.

There are also hardly any restrictions on the materials to be processed: Whether castings, non-ferrous metals, plastics or CrNi steels, with our modern machining centers we can produce your individual requests.

On this page, we will show you which production possibilities are part of our daily business besides the manufacturing of chains and sprockets. Our field of expertise not only includes chain manufacturing but we are also setting standards for drive and return shafts as well as special components.

Turning and milling machining centers
State-of-the-art equipment for perfect product quality

On our modern 5-axis turning and milling machining centers complex workpieces with a diameter of up to Ø2,400 mm and a maximum workpiece length of 3,750 mm can be processed. The maximum workpiece weight is limited to 7.000 kg.

Even processing of CrNI steels pose no problem for our plants. And, of course, programming is done using modern CAD/CAM systems.

The machining areas of our turning machines:

Bar machining:

» Min. workpiece diameter: 12 mm
» Max. workpiece diameter: 80 mm
» Min. workpiece length: 20 mm
» Max. workpiece length: 400 mm

Chuck and shaft machining:

» Min. workpiece diameter: 50 mm
» Max. workpiece diameter: 1000 mm
» Min. workpiece length: 180 mm
» Max. workpiece length: 3950 mm

Chuck processing:

» Min. workpiece diameter: 20 mm
» Max. workpiece diameter: 1860 mm
» Min. workpiece length: 20 mm
» Max. workpiece length: 1000 mm

The machining areas of our milling machines:

» Max. workpiece diameter: 2400 mm
» Max. workpiece length: 2400 mm
» Max. workpiece height: 1300 mm
» Max. workpiece width: 1250 mm

Examples of machining centres:

» DMG CTX gamma 1250 TC
» DMG DMU 160P DuoBlock

Heat treatment
Heat treatment/ Case hardening and inductive hardening

Our in-house hardening shop includes a wide variety of quench furnaces for case hardening. In addition, different stations are provided for inductive hardening of workpieces.

This procedure can be applied to almost any workpiece as any geometry can be accommodated thanks to workpiece-specific conversions. Heat treatment provides the products with a wearresistant surface.

For extra high demands an additional refinement process can be inserted. Regardless of whether you need case or inductive hardening, we are able to carry out any hardening procedure you need for your workpiece. This not only ensures a smooth production process characterised by constant quality, but also reduces costs.

Welding technology
Certified specialist welding company

All welding work is carried out by our qualified employees carried out in house and by our trained welding engineers accompanied. The production takes place with most modern MIG and MAG processes. To achieve a to guarantee consistently high quality, set the we partly and fully robotized welding systems in the production process.

Furthermore we are a certified according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090 Specialist welding company.

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