Bulk material handling industry

Conveying and drive technology for conveying bulk materials

For almost any conveying process in the bulk material handling industry, KettenWulf offers optimally adapted chains. Whether it is for the transportation of coarse or fine bulk materials or materials with corrosive or abrasive properties – we supply you with chains and sprockets for conveying almost any bulk material.

  • Clinker, gypsum, marl and clay for cement manufacture
  • Granulate in fertiliser production
  • Coal, coarse-grained ore, crushed stone, limestone and slate in the mining industry
  • Biomass, coal, slag and quartzite in power stations
  • Polymer raw materials in plastic production
  • Chippings in the wood and paper industry
  • Punch waste in the automotive and metal processing industry
  • Recycling material in reusable material sorting plants


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    High wear resistance, low maintenance

    KettenWulf represents the chain technology of the future

    Transport chains as special solution

    High conveying material flows with temperatures of up to 700°C, axle distances of up to 250 metres, complex line routing and overcoming large conveying heights and conveying speeds of more than 1000m³/h are the challenges faced by the bulk material handling industry. Transporting bulk material with the aid of special chains is one of the most efficient transport solutions. For a multitude of applications in the bulk material handling, such as pan conveyors, slat-band chains, slat conveyors, trough chain conveyors, reclaimer conveyors or bucket elevators, KettenWulf offers groundbreaking chain technology. Our chain systems are characterised by high wear resistance and low maintenance. That our products can be manufactured customer-specific from temperature and corrosion resistant high quality durable materials goes without saying. In accordance with the plant-specific framework conditions, i.e. the local conditions and the transport task, KettenWulf offers optimum consultation for the selection and specification of the chain and sprocket as well as technical support on site.

    Pan conveyors
    Extreme demands on conveyor and drive chains

    To pull the cell conveyors, bush conveyor chains with single or double sided attachment brackets are used as single or double strand chains. The quality requirements for our chains, which are usually adapted to the individual requirements of the conveyor systems, provides our customer with a decisive competitive edge. Bush conveyor chains are also used in pan conveyors for bucket or bunker discharge systems, the so-called slat conveyors. In this application bush conveyor chains are used as means of traction and transportation and are subject to extreme shock loads in combination with abrasive environmental or material influences. With our quality claim we can guarantee you the sound design of our products to achieve the appropriate service life even under these extreme application conditions. Conveyor chains with pitches of 160 mm, 250 mm, 315 mm and larger and breaking loads of 200 to 3.000 kN permit the optimum technical design for a multitude of customer-specific requirements.

    Reclaimer systems
    Protection mechanisms in conveyor and drive technology

    Storing and homogenising bulk material, in particular of inhomogeneous raw materials, such as limestone or coal, is done with the aid of reclaimer systems of varying design in the bulk material handling industry. Here KettenWulf offers a wide selection of drive and conveyor chains designed specifically for the extreme environmental conditions, such as high shock loads, abrasive and corrosive media, heat and dust. For use in abrasive and corrosive media KettenWulf has developed various sealing systems specifically for the respective application. These seals protect the link area against ingress of dirt, moisture and other media. Service life can be extended with simultaneous reduction of the required maintenance. We also offer reclaimer chains with external rollers on ball bearings. These rollers are lubricated for life by special sealing elements and can thus be operated maintenance-free. Another advantage of this production method is the option to replace the roller subject to heavy loads under operation independently of the reclaimer chain and thus further reduce the maintenance effort. In combination with one of the above-mentioned sealing systems the link areas of the reclaimer chain and the rollers can be protected optimally against harmful environmental influences increasing the service life and reducing maintenance.

    Long life chains in all areas

    KettenWulf special chains and sprockets enable fault-free operation in the most varied storage systems for bulk material storage, for example in: bridge reclaimer, portal reclaimer, semi-portal reclaimer, side reclaimers and round mixing beds.

    Bucket elevators
    Highest demands on conveyor technology

    The use of KettenWulf conveyor chains for vertical conveying has become an essential link between production processes in many industries. KettenWulf offers individual solutions for high performance bucket elevator chains in double strand and central designs, using highly durable and specialised manufacturing methods. Chain bucket elevators are mainly used for the vertical conveying of bulk materials, for silo feeding and in clinker milling. KettenWulf bucket elevator chains meet the highest requirements for wear resistance and dynamic loads, especially for conveying abrasive media. The bucket elevator chains are for example used in cement factories, asphalt factories, fertiliser production and steel works as well as in many other industries.

    Consultancy appointment

    Any questions? As your reliable industry partner we offer you intensive consultation from the outset and adapt fully to your preferences and requirements.

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      The KettenWulf Group

      Responsibility, consistency and sustainability secure our market position as one of the leading global manufacturers of conveyor chains, drive chains and sprockets. As a family business we do not think in terms of years in the business, but in generations. This claim makes us your long-term and powerful partner characterised by ground-breaking innovation and sound, reliable structures – worldwide.