The company

The family-owned company KettenWulf

Responsibility ranks first in our scale of values, and this does not only mean responsibility in relation to our customers. Our concern is deeper, for as a company we are aware of our multifaceted responsibility:

We take responsibility for people

This includes first and foremost our employees who play a decisive role in the success of our company. At the same time, we also include all those people who are active within the company environment and the local areas around the company’s sites. We feel that loyalty towards service providers and social commitment are important qualities which lead to stable growth.

We take responsibility for the region

The company head office is located in the Sauerland – a rural, heavily forested region in the western part of Germany. We feel deeply-rooted in this area – not only since we are one of its main employers, but even more so through our continuous commitment to keep the region as attractive as it is. This also holds true for all company sites worldwide – in particular with regard to the protection of the environment.

We take responsibility for education

Knowledge is an important asset that should be open to everyone. For this reason, we are not just an accredited training company, but a training company with a passion for what we do. Promoting young people and offering them a framework for personal development are a true matter of the heart to us.

We take responsibility for your goals

It is our objective to be a strong partner for you whose motivation, innovation strength and product quality you can rely on worldwide.

Company profile


employees worldwide


founded in Kückelheim, Germany


production sites and sales offices

KettenWulf was founded in 1925 in Kückelheim, Germany. Over the past 90 years, the company has developed from a small-sized factory for sprocket chains into a leading global manufacturer of conveyor chains, drive chains and sprockets.

More than 1400 employees develop, produce and distribute individual solutions in conveying and drive technology for KettenWulf at ten locations in Europe, America and Asia.

The high quality KettenWulf products are used all over the globe in a wide range of industries. Among the key buyers are: