Public transportation

Innovative solutions in drive technology

As leading global manufacturer of conveyor chains, drive chains and sprockets KettenWulf offers since decades innovative solutions in drive technology for escalators and moving walkways.

Our products contribute to particular silent running and travelling comfort and meet the high safety requirements taken for granted in public transportation.

Precision production methods

Constant quality control and detailed accuracy in our production methods contribute to the significantly reduced wear and long service life of our chains. Neither are high loads, high conveying heights, track lengths and chain elevator lengths a problem.

Escalator industry
Leading manufacturer in the escalator industry

As a longstanding partner of leading manufacturer in the escalator industry KettenWulf generated a high level of development potential. Solutions and developments in the areas of noise reduction and low maintenance chain technology are only a few examples of what customers rely on in the escalator industry. Thanks to the high demands on safety and quality KettenWulf escalator and moving walkway chains contribute to the smooth transportation of visitors not only in department stores, subways and airports. London, Madrid, Prague, New York, Shanghai, Peking: KettenWulf products move millions of people every day on escalators and moving walkways across the world.

We are your reliable partner

Product brochure

We are happy to send you a download link for the product brochure “Amusement park industry”.

Visitors of amusement parks associate thrill and fun with roller coaster rides. For KettenWulf the focus with the rides is on high safety requirements and latest production technologies. Especially in the applications of the amusement industry the market pressure for large plant manufacturers to always offer the most spectacular attractions is very high. Here, KettenWulf supports the customer as a reliable partner and can drive developments with experience from the most varied industries. Care during product development, manufacture and quality controls facilitates a reliable and low maintenance use of the chains and sprockets in roller coasters and water rides.

Nothing moves without us

The KettenWulf Group

Responsibility, consistency and sustainability secure our market position as one of the leading global manufacturers of conveyor chains, drive chains and sprockets. As a family business we do not think in terms of years in the business, but in generations. This claim makes us your long-term and powerful partner characterised by ground-breaking innovation and sound, reliable structures – worldwide.