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Individual product development

Every company has its unique challenges. KettenWulf therefore supports you as a competent partner in the development of individual solutions.

Our know-how as established provider well-positioned and with high penetration in the industry allows us to optimally align our product development with your requirements. We can draw on a wealth of experience which already offers the right answers to many problems (here is the direct contact for your enquiry).

In close cooperation with you we also achieve a continuous optimisation of your products, helping you to protect and expand your competitive advantage over the long-term. Here, our close cooperation with universities and suppliers also bears fruit by enabling us to detect and utilise improvement potential early on.

Examples, such as the development of lubrication-free technology or the hybrid chain or the implementation of the system reclaim chain with sealed rollers and noise-attenuating sprocket demonstrate our capability.


Comprehensive examinations are regularly carried out on our test stands:

Endurance test

  • At room temperature
  • In a hot environment
  • While subjected to the impact of various environmental media (chain links, roller, complete chains)

Fatigue strength tests

  • Of chain components
  • Of complete chains


Following the developments we have made in lubrication-free technology, the demand for lubrication-free chains has increased rapidly over the past couple of years. More and more people are now opting for this type of chain, especially for environmental and economic reasons. The advantages are obvious. The use of lubrication-free chains leads to enormous cost savings in the field of maintenance and servicing. Since no relubrication is necessary in these cases, faults caused by wrong relubrication and maintenance are excluded.

By means of extensive test runs on our test stands, the research and development team at KettenWulf has managed to develop two fundamental technologies for manufacturing lubrication-free chains. Depending on the environmental conditions and environmental influences, we are able to offer lubrication-free chains in sealed and non-sealed designs.


We have developed various sealing systems for chain joints, especially for use in abrasive or corrosive media. Thanks to these sealing systems, the penetration of dirt and moisture is largely prevented. This way, good lubrication is retained in the chain joint over a long period of time.

In this design, the chain joints are sealed by a sandwich seal and other special sealing rings. The chain joints are regularly relubricated, however at relatively long intervals. Thanks to the reduced lubricant consumption, it is possible to reduce costs and improve processes.


During the operation of plant annoying noise can often develop when the chain enters the sprocket. To significantly lower these noises and to improve working conditions, KettenWulf has developed special noise dampers which are mounted on the sprockets.

These noise absorption systems used on the market for the first time by KettenWulf ensure that the chain joints no longer dash against the tooth gap, but rather are smoothly guided into it This reduces the operational chain noise to such an extent that it can usually no longer be heard above normal ambient noise levels.

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