Drive chains

Drive chains

From drive chains for their classic use in industrial plant of any type to their use in agricultural machinery – KettenWulf offers you the ideal product for your application.

Do you need a chain for intensive constant use? The chain needs to be resistant to corrosion and temperature fluctuations? Are you looking for a special chain, tailored to your individual application? KettenWulf has the solution.

We offer a wide range of drive chains in all DIN/ISO/ANSI dimensions. High precision heavy duty roller chains for drives and conveying tasks are part of our standard delivery programme.

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    In the field of drive chains KettenWulf offers the following roller chains:

    • KettenWulf RC roller chain
    • KettenWulf HFS roller chain (highly wear-resistant and durable)
    • KettenWulf SS roller chain (stainless steel/ rustproof)
    • KettenWulf TGI roller chain (rustproof, highly wear-resistant and durable)
    • KettenWulf LF roller chain (low maintenance)

    KettenWulf also has a wide range of roller chains for conveying tasks.

    • KettenWulf roller chain with straight link plates (C roller chain)
    • KettenWulf DP roller chain (double pitch roller chain)
    • KettenWulf CC-600 box transport chain (for curved tracks)
    • KettenWulf solid pin chains
    • KettenWulf agricultural machine chains
    • KettenWulf chains to protect the conveyed medium

    KettenWulf also supplies the following hollow pin chain designs

    • KettenWulf hollow pin chains (based on the dimensions of DIN 8187/8188)
    • KettenWulf 1650HP hollow pin chains
    • KettenWulf DP-HP double pitch hollow pin chain
    • KettenWulf BS-HP hollow pin chains (British Standard)

    New chains are also continuously being designed , technically developed and successfully used for various special purposes.

    The KettenWulf Group

    Responsibility, consistency and sustainability secure our market position as one of the leading global manufacturers of conveyor chains, drive chains and sprockets. As a family business we do not think in terms of years in the business, but in generations. This claim makes us your long-term and powerful partner characterised by ground-breaking innovation and sound, reliable structures – worldwide.