Covid-19 Statement

Currently the coronavirus pandemic is changing drastically our professional and private lives.

For us as a company the top priority is to protect the health of our employees and to ensure ongoing operations and production at the same time. Therefore, a central pandemic crisis team within the KettenWulf Group has set up measures that affect both our headquarters and our subsidiaries.

Despite the restrictions our production goes on at our locations worldwide and our employees can still be reached by the usual telephone numbers. We have taken all necessary measures to keep working for our national and international customers.

In these turbulent times we wish all the best for coping with this pandemic crisis and hope in particular that all our loved ones will be spared from SARS-CoV-2 or at least survive it unscathed.

After hopefully the first successes in containing this pandemic in a timely manner, we also hope to return to “professional normality” as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Stay healthy and confident!