Training centre

Training centre in the Sauerland

To continue as a quality and innovation leader on the market in the future our new technical talents are a decisive factor for the success of the KettenWulf Group.

Highly modern technical workplaces for 24 trainees
Work with your team and acquire your basic technical knowledge

This is the reason why KettenWulf intensively addressed the issue of training a long time ago and created a “training centre”. Here capability, teamwork, innovation as well as creativity and fun are combined and promoted to ensure a balanced and optimum training.

In the training centre 24 trainees can work simultaneously on work benches and acquire basic technical knowledge to then later work in the individual areas of the training centre – adapted to their training profession.

Your qualified training completion is now within your reach
The training centre in all its aspects is at the heart of your industrial training

The training centre was expanded further in 2011 and has highly modern technical workplaces in the fields of:

  • welding
  • CNC machining (turning + milling)
  • conventional machining
  • metal drilling
  • metal sawing

An attractive workspace was also created for the training profession of the product designer.

Training room for imparting learning content
We positively target the promotion of new talent and strengthen their feeling of belonging

The training centre also features its own training room where cross-topical learning content supporting the training is imparted.

These measures strengthen the “sense of common purpose” and make the objective of every trainee to achieve a qualified training completion attainable.

To complete the training centre it features its own materials store to ensure the materials supply in the training centre independent of the operative business.

The training centre in all its aspects is at the heart of the industrial training at KettenWulf.

Are you interested in joining the KettenWulf team? Then take a look at our website under training. We are sure that we have a suitable training for you.

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Your KettenWulf training team!

Your way into your future
Qualified trainers and a practice-oriented education offer you great opportunities for becoming a permanent employee


There is a multitude of information events concerning our training centre and training, for example our careers advice day. Use the opportunity and visit us!