16 new trainees start their training

On 1 August 2016 16 young adults started their training at KettenWulf. Ingo Schulte, technical and commercial trainer, and Christoph Vollmer, personnel manager, were pleased to welcome the new trainees in our company.

The KettenWulf Group takes its training obligation very seriously. Within our social responsibility the unchanged strong commitment for qualified, practical, versatile and high quality training takes on pride of place, including the option of combining a degree course with work in a technical or commercial field.

The range of training jobs on offer is as versatile as the business activity of the KettenWulf Group. The training courses in the technical and commercial field include industrial mechanic, tool mechanic, cutting machine operator and industrial clerk as the key professions at the Kückelheim site. The trainees are prepared optimally for their subsequent career with the advice and practical support of their trainers.

Here are our new trainees:

As tool mechanics
Max Beste and Tim Sommer

As cutting machine operators
Daniel Korus, Lucas Krämer and Wladimir Paul

As industrial mechanics
Robert Bürger, Sebastian Döring, Tim Hennecke, Julian Leifert, Hendrik Rettler and Tim Stengritt

As electronics engineer
Lorenz Höhmann

As technical product designer
Silas Plaßmann

As industrial clerks
Theresa Bürger, Julia Habbel and Marie Lingenauber

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